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* Serving Cuyahoga & Nearby Counties

* Serving Cuyahoga & Nearby Counties

* Serving Cuyahoga & Nearby Counties

We Offer the Most Detailed Reports and Best Inspection Value in Ohio                                     Contact Us at: 440-212-3830

 Full Home


This is the most widely used inspection. It covers all of the homes components as described on the "What we Inspect" page and comes complete with a full, detailed written report of the homes conditions.  Be sure to note: We do not use "on site" or "off the shelf" type reports that are generic and so widely used. Each report is custom written, includes digital photos and a home maintence checklist section. Reports are written and delivered usually within 12 hrs.  To view a few sample report pages,  Click here

New Home






Building a new home is a tremendously complex endeavor. It involves many people, usually split up into sub-contractor groups, each working on different parts and systems of the house. Even for the best builders, its nearly impossible to complete this process without missing something. We will find any issues / problems the home may have while it is still early enough for you to bring them up with the builder and have them corrected before you sign-off and start moving in.

Pre-Sale Inspections, are becoming more and more common especially in todays crowded selling market. You the home seller, could benefit from it just as much, if not more than the home buyer.  Having a Pre-Sale Inspection done could tip the scales in your favor, versus another property the homebuyers are considering. Your home will "STAND OUT" as an already inspected home.

These inspections cover only one or a few components of the home such as the electrical,  plumbing, or heating systems. These partial inspection also come with a written report of the components along with photos and a home maintenance checklist just as a full inspection would.

Radon Testing


Thermal Imaging


Radon Gas build up in Ohio homes can be a serous health issue. Radon is the #2 cause of lung cancer second only to smoking. Elevated levels of radon are not uncommon and the health risks for the most part, are not well understood by most homeowners. Both the EPA and Ohio dept. of heath suggest testing all Ohio homes. Inspectec can set up a "Continuous Radon Monitor Device" that will give immediate results at the end of the test period.   Read more about Radon on our "Radon Testing" page.

Thermal Imaging, also known as infrared imaging, is not something that most inspectors have, or offer.  Although infrared cameras have been around for decades, it is only recently gaining popularity in the field of building inspections.  Thermal imaging gives a professional inspector the ability to see "beyond" the "normally visible".   Thermal Imaging detects "temperature anomalies".  When analyzed by a trained professional, can help greatly in assessing / seeing a potential problem.   Once you see what this technology can do, you will wonder how we ever did without it.   See more information about this technology and how it can help you just click on our "Thermal Imaging" page.     Note: Not all of our inspectors may offer this service.

Mold Testing

& Assessment


Inspectors are "*trained / certified" to do many mold related services.  We can preform;  A "Mold Assessment" at the property (commonly done for a real estate transaction),   A "Limited Mold Test" (if needed / desired when suspect mold is found),  or "Full Mold Testing / Assessment".  

To read more about "Mold Testing & Our Mold Services"  Click Here      *Note: Not all inspectors may be "mold certified".    

Mold Section

"Mold Testing"

"Mold Testing" is a topic with many varying "options".  It is also a very "misunderstood" service.  We regularly get questions about this topic and because we see so many people getting false information, conflicting information, and/or not getting what they pay for, we decided to get training & certification for both, Mold Testing & Mold Assessment.   We are *trained & certified to do either;  A "Mold Assessment" at the property,  A "Limited Mold Test", or a "Full Mold Testing / Assessment" (which includes interior & exterior air sampling / testing).  See details of these service below.    Note: Not all inspectors may be "mold certified".

"What Is Mold and is it Dangerous"?   

Molds are part of the natural environment. Outdoors, molds play a part in nature by breaking down dead organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead trees, but indoors, mold growth should be avoided.  Molds reproduce by means of tiny spores; the spores are invisible to the naked eye and float through outdoor and indoor air.  Mold may begin growing indoors when mold spores land on surfaces that are damp or wet. There are thousands of types of mold, and none of them will grow without water or moisture.

Molds do however have the potential to cause health problems. The first and most common types of molds are "allergenic".  These molds produce "allergens" (substances that can cause allergic reactions), Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores can cause runny nose, red eyes,  skin rash, etc.   Next are the "pathogenic" types of molds.  These molds may cause more serious issues and problems with infections, pneumonia, etc.  These are issues that generally need a doctors care.   Lastly there are the "Toxigenic" types of mold.  These molds produce "mycotoxins".  This is a much more dangerous type of mold, and can lead to fungus in the lungs, cancer, and even death.  

Important note:  Any contact with mold may lead to immediate or delayed responses, and different people will react differently to mold exposure.   This information is general and provides only a brief overview; it does not describe all potential health effects related to mold exposure.  People with allergies or a reduced immune system can be greatly affected.  For full and more detailed information, you should consult a health professional.   

So why is "Mold Testing" such a confusing "Service / Topic"?

1) Well first of all, There is no "standardized service" for what is called "mold testing".  Different companies use different terms and information. What is called "Mold Testing" in the industry, can mean a great variety of services. (See our services below).   Furthermore, there are currently no EPA, state or federal "mold limits" that have been set for mold or mold spores, so sampling result opinions can vary.  Keep in mind however, elevated mold indoors can be a serious problem.

2) There are "mold cleaning companies" out there that will offer to do inexpensive, or even free, so called "mold testing or assessment".  We find that almost always these types of, "mold tests" are just a complete "dis-service and very misleading" to a homeowner / buyer.   In fact what many of these company's are doing is just looking for "mold cleaning work".   You should always have a 3rd party check for mold issues.  Do not hire a mold cleaning company that may be just "looking for business".  What services "you may want or need" may vary greatly from what other people want or need.   In a real estate transaction for example, the term "mold test" can mean many things; a "full mold assessment" (commonly done),  just "testing of a suspect mold area" observed (also commonly done),  or it could mean a "full mold test & assessment" of the home. (rarely done, or not usually needed).

4) Test results and analysis, can vary greatly between; people, labs, and even test methods.   Note that in most cases it is not important to "identify" the type of mold present, (its usually just not needed).   No mold is good for you, so getting rid of it, and the moisture issues that caused it is "key".   Of course, people with "mold related health issues" may need to more fully identify mold, per a doctors request, or just for their own reasons.

What "Mold Testing" services do we offer? 


"Mold Assessment":  (About $70.)   This is a commonly requested service in a real estate transaction and usually done in conjunction with a standard "home inspection".  This type of "mold assessment" will include a full visual check of the home in all accessible locations.  This includes attics, general living spaces, basements, crawl areas, etc.  It will also include reporting of "favorable conditions" relevant to possibly mold growth, and recommendations of actions to take.  This service does not include; "mold samples, air or surface samples, or any other "mold analysis".  These types of "mold testing" services (lab analysis), are availably however, should suspect mold be present.  See information abount "limited mold testing" below.


"Limited Mold Testing":  (Price varies based on number of tests done).  Limited mold testing can be done when there is "visible suspect mold" present to determine;  1) If it in fact there is mold present, and 2) What type of mold it may be.   These "limited mold tests" can be added to a "Mold Assessment" or with any "general home inspection" when suspect mold is present.  If done in conjuction with a Mold Assessmnet" a full report & and separate mold lab analysis, will be done.   If done as part of a general "Home inspection", there will be a "lab provided mold report" only."


"Air / Surface Mold Tests":   ($175 & up).  This more detailed type of mold test is done to determine mold related "air quality of the home".  Air mold sampling is done both inside & out to determine problems and/or issues that may be present.  Surface mold sampling may also be done depending on why the test is being done or what conditions are present.  This is a common type of test, especially if there will be occupants of the home that are sensitive to mold related issues.  It may also be done "after mold cleaning" has been done to verify that cleaning was done properly, successfully.


"Full Mold Testing".   This is a full "Assessment and Mold Testing" of the home and includes a full assessment, including indoor and outdoors mold test samples, and may also include other surface sampling.  (carpet samples, furnace sample, duct samples, etc.)  This includes a "Full Mold Analysis and Full Mold Testing Report".  This service is in the $300. plus range, depending on the size of the home, number of levels, and testing needed / requested. 

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