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* Serving Cuyahoga & Nearby Counties

* Serving Cuyahoga & Nearby Counties

* Serving Cuyahoga & Nearby Counties

We Offer the Most Detailed Reports and Best Inspection Value in Ohio                                     Contact Us at: 440-212-3830

We work hard and continually strive to exceed our competitor’s services and pricing, giving you the

best property inspection for your money.    And, based on the feedback we receive, we are! 

Inspectec is your local inspection company made up of a small group of very experienced "independent Inspectors", based in northeast Ohio.  Your home is a big investment, so we take property inspections seriously.  Unlike other companies we utilizing state of the art testing equipment, (infrared sensors, combustion gas and CO detectors, microwave leak detectors, etc). and we always keep our clients best interests first.  We will inform you of the properties condition and what it means to you in making your decision. This information is key, to negotiate needed repairs before you buy, or to understand just what conditions are present.  

 Inspectec is owned and operated by Richard Sumen.  As a board certified CMI **(certified master inspector),  Richard is the lead inspector and trains / oversees all *authorized Inspectec inspectors. 
 * Authorized inspectors are independent inspectors that are "approved to our high standards" and work in conjunction with Inspectec.

 ** CMI certification is only given to the industries most experienced inspectors. As of this update, only 50 CMIs are present / certified, in the state of Ohio.

Our reports are custom written and easy to read.  We never use generic "On Site" or "Off the Shelf" type reports that are so popular with many of our competitors, but may lack important information.   Our property reports include digital photographs of the homes main components and/or problems.  They are detailed & informative, giving you ALL important information you need about the property you are buying or selling.  Reports may also include additional information about unique components the home may have such as "knob & tube" wiring, CSST gas piping, ect.  Compare our reports with ANY other inspection company, you'll see the difference.   Reports are written and usually delivered within 6-8 hrs* via, a PDF file, USPS mail, or hand delivery.   * Note: Some reports may take up to 24 hrs.

State Inspector License2.jpg

We are of course "State licensed home inspectors"  (required as of 7-1-21).  We follow and exceed the strict guidelines of both the state, and all other major inspection associations with regard to ethics and standards of practices.  In addition, our inspectors carry a 2 million dollar insurance policy to provide you with piece of mind.

We are Licensed by the Ohio Dept. of Health for Radon testing in homes, schools and commercial buildings and have met the criteria of the NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Program).  There are always many questions about Radon in homes. We can test your home or office & answer your questions about this radioactive gas.     

Richard Sumen / Inspectec LLC, is IAC2 Certified (International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants).  We are trained, certified*, to due mold surface & air testing & other mold related evaluations.  See more details of these services on our "Mold Testing" page.      *Note: Not all Inspectec inspectors may have IAC2 certification.

We have performed thousands of property inspections in Ohio.  Everything from 5 million dollar estates, to $5,000 fixer-uppers".  Our inspectors are professionally trained in home inspections with required continuing education programs to stay up on current issues and trends.  Furthermore, Inspectors have building / construction experience so they know "home construction" and what to look for.  Hundreds of items are inspected and reported on.  We will also give you additional information on maintaining or fixing common problems that may exist such as brick tuck-pointing,  furnace maintenance. 

*  Authorized "Inspectec Inspectors" are independent inspectors that work in conjunction with Inspectec LLC.   Authorized Inspectec  inspectors

   must meet & exceed "industry standards",  providing inspections and reports to "our level of service". 

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