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Full / Standard Inspection Fees:                                                           Special (Small home Price)            Radon Testing:

* Fees are based on square footage of "Finished Areas".     * Homes Built before 1940, may have additional fees.  See * fees / notes below)

Total Sq. ft. of Home    Single Family       Condomimum      Double

                      (Home or Full Condo)        (Interior only)        (Two units)

Up to 2500 sq. ft.

2501 - 3500 sq. ft.

3501 - 4500 sq. ft.

Over 4500 sq. ft.




$490. (and up)




$460. (and up)




$800. (and up)

Home or High Rise Condo
Under 1000 sq. ft,
Slab with no basement,
or High Rise Condo Bldg.


State Licensed Radon Test

Radon Test (with inspection)          ~   $185. 

2nd Radon Test (at same location) ~   $100.

Radon Test (without inspection)      ~   $210.

* Note: Very large homes may require two tests.

Other Inspection Reports / Services:

Partial Inspections


For inspections reporting on just "some" of a homes "components".  A detailed written report is included.   * For full details Click Here

     "Partial Inspection Report ~ Min  $195.

    ( Fees will vary based on the components inspected )

Thermal Imaging    
Information & details about Thermal Imaging can be found on our "Thermal Imaging" pageClick Here

Thermal  ~ With Full Inspection       ~  120. & up 

Thermal  ~ Without Full Inspection  ~  250. & up

* Note: Minimum fees are shown (for homes up to 2500 sq.ft.)

Mold Testing  -  Mold Assessment

Information & details about Mold testing

can be found on our "Mold" page.   Click Here

Mold Assessment (With Inspection)            ~  $140.

Mold Assessment (Without Inspection)     ~    Varies

Mold Test (Surface Sampling) With "Lab Mold Report"   ~  Varies



(within 60 days of original inspection)
 *  Includes reprints of report pages as needed. 
** Re-inspection, no written report update.

 * Re-Inspection (w/ written update)            ~ $200.

** Re-Inspection (without written update)     ~  $150.

     Note:  Minimum "Re-Inspection Fees" are listed.

Note:  ** Homes Built before 1940:  Due the many "issues / Items" that need "additional or non-typical" evaluations, homes built before 1940 will have an additional $50. fee per unit.  Although we are not required to report on some "issues" common with very old homes, we do take the time to further evaluate some components such as; very old electrical components, the possible presence of asbestos, etc.

Also;  Homes with 2nd garages, Seperate workshops, Large barns or outbuildings, Guest houses, Etc., may have extra fees.

Major Defect

Partial Inspection Reports:

For those that may want reporting only on some "individual components" (partial inspections), we offer this type of specialized report.  A partial inspection can include one or many components of a home.  (I.e.. Roof,  electrical, foundation, etc.)    Partial inspections comply with all state requirements and come with either a "minimum" (hand written), or "full written" report (with pictures, etc).  These partial reports do not cover smaller issues, such as minor wall and ceiling issues, non-safety issues, paint defects, etc., that are not required by state regulations.

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