* Serving Cuyahoga & Nearby Counties

* Serving Cuyahoga & Nearby Counties

* Serving Cuyahoga & Nearby Counties

Richard Sumen CMI

~ Inspections "Exceed" National Inspection Standards*

  ~ We Provide Detailed, Custom Written Reports

    ~  Inspectors are Certified, and Highly Trained

      ~We are Locally Owned and Operated

        ~We are Rated "A" on "Angie's List"

           ~ We Offer Competitive Pricing

What Makes Us Better / Why Choose Us?

In Ohio, the "Inspection Business" is very "Buyers Beware".   There are no "State Standards" for what Inspectors "do" or how they "write reports".  Even inspectors that belong to and follow the requirements of national organizations such as ASHI, NSHI, etc., may not be giving you the inspection services you want or need.   At Inspectec we are of course members of national inspections organizations, but we have built our business to "exceed" industry standards on all of our full / standard inspections.  We provide the many important services* that are just too important "not to do".  ( * Items that are not required to be done by national standards include;  CO tests on gas furnaces,  Combustion gas leak tests on gas pipe & gas fittings,  Methane Tests in basement & Slabs... just to name a few).   Additionally, choose your inspector with care. Unfortunatly, this industry is full of inspectors that may not be fully trained or experienced.  Many inspectors lack key training, are new, or work part time.  Believe it or not, in Ohio if you have pen & paper, you can be an inspector.  Want to be a "certified inspector"?  Just take a two week course, pay an association fee, and now your a certified inspector.  Sad, but true.  Chose your inspector with care,  always look at a sample report and ask about "what they include" on the inspection.

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